Frequently asked questions


What brand of watercolors/gouache are you using? 

For my watercolor illustrations I use a mix of Holbein, Schmincke and Winsor & Newton watercolor from tubes. I put these on a metal palette and mix from there. For gouache I use Talens, Holbein and Winsor & Newton.

Which paper do you prefer using for your illustrations?

I mainly use Arches and Fabriano Artistico hot pressed watercolor paper and once in a while switch to unique handmade papers or other local paper brands like Schut Terschelling. 

What brushes do you use and for what purpose?

For brushes I use a wide range of types and sizes, but the most frequently used ones are my daVinci Nova Synthetics 1570 round brush size 10 for bigger areas and base colouring, a Winsor & Newton Series 7 Finest Sable size 1, a Daler Rowney Graduate liner size 10/0 as well as a Princeton Art & Brush Co. 4050SL 10/0 (my new favorite!) for details and line work.

Any other art materials you cannot live without?

Quite a lot actually! My metal measurer for cutting and measuring paper. A sharp knife for cutting paper, kneaded eraser for larger areas and a pen eraser for details. A 0.03 mechanical pencil for creating thin and sharp pencil sketches. 



What kind of sketchbook do you use?

I have a few sketchbooks for different purposes. When I´m out and about I usually bring a Extra Large Moleskine Cahier Notebook. When at home I use my trusted Large Soft Cover Plain Moleskine which I tear apart and put together again with washi tape. The pages are thin enough to use for copying my sketches and easy to cut out for trying out compositions.

Do you sell your work?

Yes! I sell some of my original artwork through my shop. These are all one of a kind.

You can also find prints in my shop. My prints are printed locally in Oslo, on sustainably produced paper by Munken Paper, produced in Sweden. This paper is thick with a matte, offwhite surface.

Can I hire you for commissions or freelance work?

Sounds great! Please email me about the details.

Where do you work from? Do you have your own studio?

I work from home in my "home studio" in our tiny house on a hill next to the forest. I love being close by nature, and often take tiny breaks to take a trip to the forest to gather new inspiration.